5JA have been planting trees, in the school grounds!

Here is Whitworth planting their set of trees.

This was Mr Abbott teaching a group of people how to plant trees last time. This time we were much better.


This week’s blog…..

Last week we made Greek pots. And the next day we painted the Greek pots.
 Here is Georgia painting her Greek pot.
You can see she is very concentrated since it was very hard.

Here is Tyler and Violet Jacob and Theo and finaly Josh k practising the standing triple jump.

It was very hard doing PE because we didn’t get it.And it was confusing at times .

Here are the finished pots it took 2 days to make them.we hope you like our Blog!bye 

What we’ve been up to this week.

On Monday we made clay pots for our topic the Greeks. Here are some pics of the pots . Most of the people enjoyed doing it. The pots we made were coil pots you roll it into a sausage and add it to the pot and build it up.


Also this week we had a very fun arts and crafts day at school. We got to wear our Christmas jumpers and do fun crafts there was Christmas trees stain glass windows and paper chains also a massive 3D snowflake. Also we decorated our classroom. Here are some awesome pics.


Gardening week!

5es had a amazing morning doing gardening ,what a lovely way to start a day !

The teachers who helped us put this fantastic morning together were the amazing Mrs Stone and Mrs Beech !

This is Bob the Buddleia. Mrs Pyne gave him to us to start off our garden. We hope he’ll attract butterflies in the Summer.

These teachers had lots of fun this morning !
We had lots of fun times found too but while we were having fun we were very cold also we found some things like pottery .

This is a picture of the whole class gardening and listening to our teacher Mrs stone.

 Tyler loves this worm called dirt but he has to say his good byes they had lots of fun together always remember each other  
After we came inside , we had to get warm and change out of our muddy clothes.

After we had done all of that some of us lucky people got to make bird cakes for the birds .




That was a lovely morning for everybody in the class and we hope we can do it again sometime!