What we’ve been up to this week.

This week we have been doing some maths investigating .We have been investigating addition and subtraction with counters here are some pictures!

   On Thursday the 18th of October some people went footballing at cavendish fields we came 2nd and we were very tired when we got up there because we had to walk up a very steep hill. Also we were tired after the 3 matches we played against year 6s and South Darley school.


Our first Playground Pals

On the 3rd of October the first playground pals session started. Lucy,Charlie,George and Georgia where the first to experience what it was like.For the past week year 5 have been trained on games to play with the year threes and fours what to do if somebody has a fall out on the playground also what to do if somebody is alone. It went wonderfully the year threes were so nice to us there was no fall outs from what we saw. Me and Lucy played a popular game we tried on the playground and the year threes were so happy.